Friday, 21 March 2014

A must have for electricians (only): the Facom PZ2 ADB 1000V screwdriver (Slotted Pozidriv)

The Slotted Pozidriv ADB screwdriver from Facom
It is a little different from the
Protwist at the base of the handle
Electricians are screwing cables into socket, switches and circuit breakers a lot. Some prefer using a PZ2 screwdriver some a flat one. No matter how careful you are your precious and favourite screwdriver will eventually wear out.

What if you could apply strength and reduce your chances of slipping?

Most sockets, switches and circuit breakers have a slotted PZ2 screw (with a groove for flat screwdrivers as well). This is where this ADB Slotted Pozidriv screwdriver comes in: it is both a flat and PZ2 screwdriver at once and will maximise the strength you can apply. 

The Slotted Pozidriv (ADB) head

Although you can find it in various sizes, the other good news is that you probably will ever need only the one pictured since electrical hardware manufacturers try to standardise.

The downside is that it will only work with these screws and won't work with standard flat or PZ2 screws.

Exact references of this wonderful screwdriver:
PZ2 ADB 2x125 VE

I'd say it is a must have if you are an electrician (and not otherwise ;-).

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