Sunday, 2 March 2014

Abus 86TI/55 and 86/55: a padlock that can use your home key

The Abus 86TI/55 and its packaging
What if you could use the same key for your home and bike? This is exactly what the Abus 86/55 and the newer Abus 86TI/55 padlocks are about, you simply have to add a half euro cylinder.

Specifications and features

  • Dimensions: 55 x 92 x 27.5mm
    This is a standard large padlock.
  • Internal shackle dimensions: 26.5 x 25mm
  • Strong and lightweight.
    On the 1 to 10 security scale of Abus, it ranks 8. Note that lightweight is only applicable for the Abus 86TI/55. Remember to use a secure enough half euro cylinder with it.
  • The Abus 86TI/55 is made of TITALIUM™, an aluminium alloy (durable and lightweight) and has a stainless steel like finish)
    Read below, the aluminium alloy makes a huge weight difference !
  • The hardened steel shackle is double bolted and is coated to assure security and corrosion resistance
    This is standard on any quality padlock

Simple assembly

Easy to assemble

This padlock comes without cylinder. This is exactly what we want since the whole point is to let you chose the one you put in, such as one compatible with your house key so you don't have to carry one extra around.

The assembly is straightforward and only requires using two tools:
  • A flat screwdriver to open the lock before inserting the half euro cylinder.
  • An hex key to secure the cylinder in the padlock
The diagram is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is (1) insert the flat screwdriver in the cylinder slot and turn it clockwise until the lock opens.

You then (2) insert the cylinder inside the lock (use the key to align to align the metallic thing sticking out with the rest of the cylinder). 
Close the lock (3) and screw (4) the little hex screw to secure the cylinder and place the rubber cap (5) to prevent water from coming in.

Note that you depending on how you set your cylinder you can chose whether the key can be removed (or not) when the lock is open:

What about weight?

This is important for cyclists. 

You'll definitely want something light and the Abus 86TI/55 and 86/55 don't come equal... at all. Without the cylinder, the 86TI/55 weights a little less than 250g. 

Add 100g for the (half) euro cylinder and it will weight 350g. For this weight you get a very good lock but remember you'll have to carry it around with a chain if you want to use it with your bicycle.

If you need a medieval weapon, buy the 86/55, attach it at the end of a chain and swing it over your head. Fully loaded, the Abus 86/55 weights 630g. Without the cylinder, that's more than the double!

Regarding security (medieval weaponry apart), both padlocks are equal. I haven't tried to cut them open but with such a big weight difference, I'll stick to the Abus 86TI/55 when cycling.

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