Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Abus GRANIT WBA100 - A stronger anchor would make no sense

The Abus granit WBA100
in its packaging
The Abus GRANIT WBA100 is designed to lock two-wheel vehicles in places such as garages, houses, cellars, carports... it is tough, very tough. It can be installed either inside or outside (weatherproof) on the ground or wall.

 When you take the packaging in your hand you immediately feel the strength of this anchor by its (crazy) weight: 2kg ! Note: This means your wrist will hurt if you attach it to the wall and take too long to make make marks before drilling :-)

The whole thing is nothing more than a metallic shackle but it is very well designed which makes a very secure alternative:
  • Mounting accessories included
    These are strong as well. You will however need a 16mm drill bit and a powerful drill... especially if you're planning on installing your anchor on concrete.Note: you also get little metallic balls to hammer in the screw heads once it is attached. This will prevent the anchor from being unscrewed by a thief (as well as yourself).
Included mounting accessories.
See how big they are compared to the 2€ coin on the picture
Can be overrun by vehicles
thanks to its strong plastic cover 
  • Meant to be installed permanently
    Do not install this one unless you're completely sure about what you're doing and are allowed to do so by the owner. Removing it will requires tons of effort.
  • Can be overrun by vehicles
    The whole thing is so strong it can be overrun by vehicles. This is useful if you install it in a garage.
  • It is made of hardened steel
    This is always the case with quality locks, chains and such but it is still worth mentioning.
  • The shackle is 16mm thick
    Regular tools will not get through it that quickly/easily.
  • It is expensive
    I found it was a little cheaper on Amazon.de than at my hardware store. Even if I think it is too expensive for a shackle, it is definitely worth it.
And for the pleasure of your eyes, ladies and (especially) gents: the Abus GRANIT WBA100 naked next to a 2€ coin
The Abus GRANIT WBA100 with
 its cover open next to a 2€ coin.

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