Friday, 20 December 2013

Felco secateurs - a good choice for professionals

These Felco secateurs (hand pruners) are exceptional. They're incredibly strong and durable.

As a florist, my wife uses and abuses them every day. The ones on the picture on the right are three years old and are still performing very well. They have received no maintenance.

I however recommend greasing the spring and cleaning the hinge every now and then as they will eventually grip. Their hinges can be dismantled and oiled and a blade replacement can be found.

She's also been using cheaper alternatives in the past and was disappointed by their performance both in longevity and capacity to prune larger branches. Their typical death of comes the bade denting easily of the hinge gripping beyond repair.

I will never stress it enough: when you buy tools, remember to always buy quality ones. They will last longer and working with them will be easier.

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