Sunday, 29 December 2013

Most versatile toolbox: the Facom Probag aka. Soft Tote Bag (BS.T20PB)

The Facom Probag (BS.T20PB) is probably the most versatile tote bag there is. The reason behind this is that is is roomy and well designed so you will be able to fit all your tools in it.
So why would anyone chose a tote bag over a proper toolbox?

Tool tote bags are messy and it's hard and ennoying to find your tools in there. Toolboxes on the other hand are usually very tidy (hum) and sometimes have one compartment per tool. Everyone knows that you always have to take with you one of the large tools that does not fit in your toolbox... and that's the downside of toolboxes.

First of all, this is not completely a tote bag ; it comes with the best of both worlds. It has some compartments for pliers, screw drivers and even a hacksaw but keeps a big central space to store your other tools.

A waterproof fabric cover and
a strong handle

The outside

The bag comes with a waterproof fabric cover. It reasonably protects your tools from water, dust and the like which is  great when working outdoors as well as prevent your tools from flying away on a bumpy ride.
The tote bag comes with a strap
A rugged sole
The bag is built on a rugged plastic tray of a couple of centimetres. You will no longer hesitate to put your tools on a wet floor. This bag is designed for such situations.
Its structure is built to last: the handle is made to hold up to 15kg (and probably more) and it also comes with a well manufactured strap to hang it on your shoulder. Who wants to cary 15kg of tools for more that a couple of minutes?


There is a holster for your hacksaw are four pouches on the outside. These pouches are fairly large and I like them to put a couple of pen and pencils, tape and screws.
The hacksaw secured by a strap
On the inside of the cover but outside of the main compartment you will find 6 open pouches that will fit perfectly most standard sized pliers. And if that is not enough for your, you will find 5 additional straps on each side of the main compartment where you can attach 10 additional pliers (or anything else). 
Some space for screwdrivers
limited space but enough
Ties where you can attach additional
tools for quick access
On both ends of the tote bag, you will find places where you can attach your tools. On one side your can find two metallic ties that I found perfect to clip a measuring tape or some more pens. The other side is equipped with a panel with slots where you can slip your screwdrivers in as well as four other tools such as utility knives and scissors. 
The only downside I could find about this bag was the number of screwdrivers you can attach to this panel inside. You can of course put a couple of extra ones in the main compartment.
I am using 1000V insulated screwdrivers (from Facom as well) and could manage to fit only 7. Although there is theoretically space for 12 of them, you should not reasonably expect to fit that many.
Here are the sizes I managed to fit in:
  6.5x1.2 ; 5.5x1.0 ; 4.0x1.8 and 2.5x1.4
  PZ1 ; PZ2
  PH2 (I miss my PH1)

Room for pliers, and lots of them

Bottom line

At the end of the day, I have been very convinced by this Soft Tote Bag from Facom. After two months of use, it will be time to move on to the next toolbox to test and it will not be without regrets. This bag is very well designed and very handy. As with most tools, this quality and handiness comes with a high price tag. Well you get what you pay for.
Lots of tools in the Facom Probag


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